• About Maker Comet

    All great journeys have to start somewhere

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    Business Inquiries:

    Email: launch@makercomet.com



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    A Personal Note from Rei

    Hi! I'm Rei Cameron, a proud Japanese American artist, maker, and owner of Maker Comet. I started off my professional career as a research scientist and eventually found my place as a full-time artist. One of my main artistic goals is to pioneer creative experiences that challenge mainstream stereotypes and harmful tropes of Asian cultures. I grew up envisioning a futuristic world inspired by The Jetsons, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Galaxy High. Yeah, I was a geek. I still am. The difference now is that I can see how misrepresented my culture is in the fantastical imaginings of Western media. I aim to change that. The future belongs to all of us and we all have a right to dream. So let's dream bigger!




    (pronouns: she/her)


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    Why Maker "Comet" ?

    When I was first deciding on a name for my new business, my husband suggested, "What about Maker Comet?" As I started to think about it, it made sense. A comet is a celestial body in the night sky that everyone in the world can see and experience. It connects us. I would argue that comets bring us closer together by evoking a shared sense of wonder and curiosity about our cosmos. The same is true for making and for art. Regardless of your ethnicity, where you are in life, or what you do as a career, everyone is capable of being creative. My hope is that I can inspire and connect with those who have been made to feel otherwise and use art and making as ways to unite us and bring us closer together as human beings.