• GeekGirlCon 2023, Collaboration with Laurie Annis

    These scenes were created as part of a collaboration with Laurie Annis of Unreality3d for our choose-your-own adventure style presentation given at GeekGirlCon 2023. Each scene was modeled in Blender and assembled in Mozilla Hubs. They may be viewed using a VR headset, computer, or mobile device. Click on an image to get started!

    A futuristic0-looking cafe with an oval counter in the middle. The chairs, tables, and stools are all silver with teal-blue glowing lights. The floor is a blue-green and white checkerboard. The surrounding area outside the windows looks like a galaxy.

    Space Cafe

    The Space Cafe scene created by Rei. It was inspired by the cartoons Galaxy High and ReBoot!.

    A white, oval-shaped gallery with pale yellow light coming down from the ceiling. An information kiosk to the left of the image displays the artist's info. Three rectangular portraits on the wall hang suspended by black pipes. There are four cubes in the middle for seating. They are alternately colored black and white and have two bands of blue neon lights running around their centers. A door with geometric neon blue designs is at the end of the gallery to the right.

    Space Gallery

    The Space Gallery scene created by Rei. All art displayed in the gallery was produced by Rei.

    A square-shaped office with steel-gray walls and an oval window that looks out into space. There is a white couch with black accents in the corner. A white, stretched-cylinder shaped coffee table with neon blue lights in its interior sits in front of the couch.  In the opposite corner is a white desk illuminated by neon blue lighting underneath. The chair is a similar steel-gray to the walls and is perched atop a cone-shaped structure.

    Space Office

    The Space Office scene created by Rei.


    An outdoor, cobblestoned cafe in a dark, spooky environment. A stand covered by a black and white striped awning is tended by a cute ghost with pumpkins in front of it. The tables are all illuminated by crystal balls and have similarly striped table cloths.

    Spooky Cafe

    The Spooky Office scene created by Laurie Annis for our GeekGirlCon presentation.



    A rectangular hall with a black and white checkerboard ceiling and floor. A red carpet with gold trim runs down the middle. Spooky paintings are displayed on the walls and a ghost sits atop a short pedestal.

    Spooky Gallery

    The Spooky Gallery scene created by Laurie Annis for our GeekGirlCon presentation.


    A dirt hill in the middle of a dark, bleak environment. The desk in this office is a coffin with a ghost standing behind it. The space is decorated with pumpkins and gravestones. There is a coffin-shaped bookshelf in the background and a spooky railing encircling the back half of the office.

    Spooky Office

    The Spooky Office scene created by Laurie Annis for our GeekGirlCon presentation.



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