Meet the Makers: Remembering The House on Camino

Hi everybody! Thanks for checking out this special blog post! I am taking this opportunity to tell you about a new series I'm starting called Meet the Makers. In this series, I will be talking to local makers to find out more about their crafts, their struggles, and their creative processes. Being that it's Halloween, I just had to do something that fit in the spirit of my favorite holiday. 

For nearly ten years, I had the honor and privilege of being a member of the crew behind The House on Camino. This was a haunted house built inside a two-car garage that slowly grew from a tiny, homegrown attraction into something that felt like it belonged in a theme park. In this first installment of Meet the Makers, I interview one of House on Camino's founders, Mike Goulding. We share our memories and battle stories of what it took to put on an attraction that only lasted three nights. Please watch our chat below. If you liked the kick-off of this series, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I will be posting more interviews and livestreams soon.

Being a part of Mike's team was something incredibly special. Though I know that there will always be opportunities to partner and work with other makers, there was something very unique about this particular experience that cannot be matched. I encourage all of you to find your making communities for your projects so that you, too, will have stories to share and memories that last a lifetime. Post your experiences in the comments below or tell me your favorite part of the interview! Happy Halloween!

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